Grilling French Style: Raclette for Meat

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October 6, 2012 by tayim

I’m ba-ack from my vacation in France, so the next few weeks or so will be posts relating to French food.

What is raclette?

While typically “French,” the raclette originated in the Swiss mountains as a way for shepherds to heat up their food.  The raclette is a source or heat that melts cheese and comes in a table top model or a larger grill used in restaurants.

Raclette is popular in the Alps and typically found in ski resorts and mountain cabins.  Modern raclette machines for home are made for the table top.  There is a grill top where meat is heated.  Typically they use lunch meats (charcuterie) – since we don’t eat lunch meats (nitrates!) we opted for the healthier option of lean locally raised beef.  There are two parts – the meat and the cheese.  We will split up the two processes and start with the meat cooking.

Grilling Meat & Veggies on a Grill-top Raclette


Meat of Choice

Assortment of Veggies

Oil or Butter

Salt & Pepper

Fresh Herbs


STEP 1: Set up in advance with cooked potatoes, sliced veggies and all ingredients on hand.  Slice the meat into 1-4″ pieces and marinate if desired.  TIP: Use beef – it’s safe cooking temperature is much lower than chicken or pork and it’s less likely to cause food borne illnesses.

STEP 2: Since the grill is heated from below, before you start cooking, make sure your raclette is glowing red for a few minutes.  Just take a peek from below.  If it’s not hot, your meat will slowly warm and won’t come out as grilled properly.

STEP 3: Get grilling and racletting!  It takes a few minutes to get everything cooked, so keep this in mind.  Put the meat on the grill with any seasoning.  In this case we used fresh thyme that was growing right outside our cabin:)  Since the meat wasn’t so fatty and it was a vacation, we added a bit of butter.

Simply put the meat on the top portion of the grill, with the herbs on the grill side.  Depending on how well you like it cooked, flip it halfway through and grill until complete!

If you are grilling veggies on the top, be sure to add a bit of fat, if you don’t they will come out dry and puffy.

Yummmmmmmy raclette grilling!

STEP 4: Enjoy!  (No worries, next post will be on the trays, veggies & cheese).  My husband got a real kick out of putting the meat on top of the potato to eat it.  There’s probably a proper way to do it, so be playful:)



Thanks so much for reading and see you soon with Part II – cheese & veggies!


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